Responding to COVID-19 crisis in India

Garvit Nangia/MSF

The second wave of COVID-19 in India has been devastating, with a catastrophic rise in the numbers of new infections in recent weeks.

Healthcare facilities and staff across the country are struggling to cope with the surge in the number of cases of COVID-19.

Hospitals are experiencing a crippling shortage of hospital beds for people with severe cases, plus shortages of oxygen and medicines and limited human resources. 

Overall access to health care is currently compromised.

MSF response to COVID-19 in India

Right now, Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) is responding to the coronavirus pandemic in Mumbai, Maharashtra. 

We have a team of doctors and nurses working at dedicated COVID-19 health centres in the city. The centre, operated in collaboration with the Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai, is opened to provide treatment to people with moderate and severe COVID-19. 

We are providing health promotion messages in the community, along with water and sanitation activities, in Mumbai’s M-East Ward to prevent the most vulnerable from getting infected in the densely populated informal settlements.

Our emergency teams are experts at fighting disease outbreaks. With your support, we can help save the lives of people battling COVID-19.


Donate to our COVID-19 crisis appeal

Our emergency medical teams are working alongside local healthcare staff on the frontlines of the fight against COVID-19


Apply for current vacancies in our COVID-19 response team

We are inviting applications for various medical and non-medical roles to support our COVID-19 intervention


Apply to join our pool of Medical Doctors and Nurses

We’re hiring doctors and nurses for our COVID-19 response in Mumbai and other parts in India. 


Stay involved

Follow us on social media, become our advocates and help us amplify our demand for equal access to medical care to people in need.

As an emergency medical organisation, we’ve been fighting disease outbreaks for almost 50 years. We know first-hand the effects they can have on communities.

Since 1971, we’ve treated hundreds of thousands of people battling HIV/AIDS, cholera and Ebola. Through every epidemic, it’s the most vulnerable people who need the greatest support.

In the coming months, we will face major challenges both in treating people affected by COVID-19 and protecting the people already under our care. 

Let’s be clear, shortages of medical supplies and travel restrictions are going to drastically impact our work. But we are strengthening infection controls and adapting to this unprecedented threat every day.

As we fight this pandemic, your support is as crucial as ever.

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