Exclusion from Healthcare

Populations affected by social violence and healthcare exclusion can include minority groups, ethnic groups, migrants, displaced people or refugees. They may be street children or night commuters. They may be sex workers or patients with HIV/AIDS or TB.

MSF provides assistance to displaced population in Kalonge © Juan-Carlos Tomasi

Living in environments where their conditions and rights are limited or non-existent, they frequently do not receive adequate support from local authorities.

MSF becomes directly involved in alleviating such suffering through medical, psychological and social activities. Healthcare exclusion requires projects that bring attention to healthcare access and the absence of medical services.

MSF’s work includes the act of speaking out and drawing attention to the causes of suffering and the obstacles encountered in providing effective healthcare, as well as raising the concerns and the realities of our patients to a national and international level.

The decision to close or hand over a medical programme or leave a country for whatever reason is always based on an analysis of whether our presence and operations are still required and relevant.

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