Vimala Lal

I am a trained clinical psychologist. I first heard of MSF several years ago when some others and I floated a private voluntary trust. I remember one of our trustees had brought in information about MSF. I decided to donate because my orientation has always been towards humanitarian, unbiased service where it is needed. As one grows older it becomes important to pay attention to issues around you. MSF works with people who don’t have access to necessary healthcare. This makes me feel like if there are people who need my help, I should donate. Even we, as health professionals, sometimes don’t know enough of our own culture and surroundings, it’s sad. The work that MSF does in the north-east of India or with diseases like HIV/AIDS and Kala-azar, for instance, is not really lucrative but they still do it. It supports my belief that providing healthcare where few people go is necessary, and MSF bears proof of my conviction – it is internationally oriented, impartial and goes where nobody else is. *MSF stands for Médecins Sans Frontières, translated into English as Doctors Without Borders.

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