“My contribution to the great humanitarian cause”: Janaki Putcha

I am delighted to be part of the community that is supporting MSF’s work around the world and in India. I have lived in the UK for the past 22 years with my husband who works for INMARSAT, a company which provides mobile satellite communications. INMARSAT has supported MSF over the years and I became aware of your work through this association. There is also regular reporting in the British and International media about MSF’s work in war-torn and disaster zones, where there is no governance and little or no infrastructure. Medical care is provided very often by MSF or the International Red Cross in these conditions. I met some MSF representatives on a recent visit to Delhi and was pleased to learn that they are actively involved in a variety of projects in India. The decision to support MSF was a very easy one because I know that this money is going to provide humanitarian relief to anyone and everyone irrespective of their identity, and save lives. Doctors and others who work for this organisation often put their own lives in danger to help others and reach people and places that governments cannot or will not reach. I have considered the work that MSF is carrying out in India. Each of these areas is incredibly important – how can one make a choice between maternal and child healthcare and helping survivors of gender and sexual violence or those suffering from kala azar, pneumonia, TB, HIV/AIDS? The need is great and the resources are few. I am happy to support any of these projects. I would like to congratulate MSF on their Campaign for Access to Essential Medicines and support their case in the High court against the patent granted for the anti-pneumonia vaccine. I have no hesitation in recommending MSF to the public in India and around the world and urge people to donate generously.

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