“Kudos to MSF India, and hope they continue doing the great work they do”: Niyathi Bhat

Every now and then I hear stories of people from remote parts of the country who suffer due to inaccessibility of basic healthcare – either due to location, or cost. Being from a city, this is a privilege that I had taken for granted before. Such news items made me realise how much more work is needed in this area. At around the same time, I happened to get a call from a Doctors Without Borders / Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) India volunteer seeking donations. MSF is an organisation of international repute and I had heard of them before, which convinced me to go ahead and donate. The website is filled with information on their various programmes, and I am especially impressed by the work they do towards providing medical care to pregnant women and young children. Donating is quick and simple, and the least one can do, but even these small acts make a big difference when put together. It is with this belief I donate, knowing it helps all the volunteers, who are the true heroes who go the extra mile to execute all the programmes. Kudos to MSF India, and hope they continue doing the great work they do.

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