Dr. Manjunath Dinaker

The first thing I will like to say about MSF is that I am very impressed with the quality and service delivery of MSF. Have I experienced their delivery first hand? No. But as a doctor, when I see them working for patients of Ebola – a disease with very high mortality – when no other organisation could do it; when I see them offering healthcare to people in Afghanistan, Syria, Yemen because the conflict has destroyed all other means to healthcare; and when I see them working on infectious diseases like HIV, TB, hepatitis C because deaths from these diseases are easily preventable, I am assured of their commitment to healthcare and the quality of their service because these are not easy projects to execute successfully.
I first became aware of MSF through the TIME magazine cover story on person of the year which featured the Ebola health worker and have followed their work closely since. I have been supporting them financially and would strongly recommend other people to also donate for their work in India. Indians are rich but many parts of India remain poor with limited or no access to healthcare and MSF tries to address this gap in access to healthcare in India by reaching out to those who need it most. They work in remote areas, they provide healthcare to rural populations, they also work on diseases like HIV and TB which are still highly prevalent in our country and as donors we can do our bit to support them. .

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