“MSF brings humanity into conflict areas where it is lacking the most.” – Bulbul Gopalani

I belong to an entitled world which believes that Facebook activism can change the world. We sit in our comfortable offices, wishing someone else would roll up their sleeves and get their hands dirty. On a normal weekday like today, MSF India contacted me on Twitter asking if I would be interested in raising funds for them as a half marathoner at Airtel Delhi Half Marathon 2015. I decided to speak to them and figure out what it entails. I hadn’t heard of MSF until then, which is surprising because everyone else around me seemed to know the good work they do.
As a doctor’s daughter who aspired to make a career in the medical profession as a teenager (but, obviously) I understand the challenges of the field. I think medicine is the only profession where one’s work goes hand in hand with contributing to the society. India is Polio free today because of doctors who dedicate their leisure (which is anyway at a paucity) hours for the government programme.
The idea that MSF is unbiased and neutral in a conflict appeals to me the most. It is a tough stand to take and to justify in today’s times. MSF brings humanity into conflict areas where it is lacking the most. There cannot be anything more noble than that. We tend to forget that ultimately we are all human beings residing on the same planet.
Raising funds has been the most frustrating experience of my life. To get people to part with money which will not benefit them directly is truly difficult. Whether the funds benefitted MSF or not, they have changed me. I am a regular donor with MSF now and contribute to fundraisers I come across on social media. I look forward to raising funds again next year and would strongly recommend that everyone try it. It will change you and benefit many others too.

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