“I have special respect for doctors and for MSF” – Ajay Singhal

I got a call from an executive from your team, who introduced me to Doctors Without Borders/ Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) and its mission. I searched online for MSF India and I looked at some of your projects. I have great appreciation for your work in remote areas of Bihar and Manipur, where you fight malnutrition, kala azar, TB and HIV. I believe that these parts are not getting facilities that we have access to in cities like Mumbai and Delhi. I was convinced that MSF is a genuine organisation and so I decided to contribute. I have a deep respect for doctors because they are life-savers; they do something no one else can do. They are crucial when it comes to the health of vulnerable populations. So I have special respect for this profession in general, and for MSF in particular, for making a big effort in this direction. I also appreciate your efforts to interact with donors and make them know more about the work you do. I will certainly inform my friends about MSF.

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