Does MSF only recruit doctors and nurses?

No. The majority of our volunteers have a medical or nursing background but we also need skilled support staff. This include:  

  1. Paramedical professionals (nutritionists, laboratory scientist)
  2. Logistical support staff/technical experts (general logisticians, water and sanitation engineers)
  3. Financial controllers

 MSF does not recruit the following professionals as expatriate staff:

  1. Acupuncturists
  2. Aroma therapists
  3. Oncologists
  4. Dentists / dental surgeons
  5. Dieticians
  6. Doctors of traditional Chinese medicine
  7. BUMS (Unani), BAMS (Ayurveda) and BHMS (Homeopathy)
  8. Massage therapists
  9. (Most) super-specialised surgeons
  10. Occupational therapists
  11. Ophthalmologists
  12. Traditional birth attendants

(MSF may very occasionally recruit any of the profiles mentioned above to work in one of the projects in India)

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